Installing ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
Admin Guide
Installing the Permanent License Key
ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime ships with a temporary license key that can be used for only up to
100 users. You then have 45 days to enter the permanent license key (available from your ShoreTel
representative) while continuing to use ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime.
For information on viewing license information and working with licenses, see Chapter 3.
Copy the permanent license key file onto the HQ Server into %ProgramFiles%\ilink\ShoreTel
Communicator for Sametime\Application Server\license.
Troubleshooting the plug-in installation
You may encounter the following error when you are installing the Sametime plug-in:
CWPPR032E: The requested provisioning operation(s) failed. (see attached screen shot
and email for more info)
To resolve this error
1. Exit the Sametime client.
2. Right click on the Sametime client icon and chooseRun as administrator’.
3. Repeat the plug-in installation steps.
Parallel installation of ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime
and ShoreTel CSTA Server
If you want to run both ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime and ShoreTel CSTA Server on the same
server, you will have to perform a few manual configuration steps.
Installation of both products on the same server poses no problems.
ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime installs into %ProgramFiles%\ilink\ShoreTel Communicator
for Sametime\, ShoreTel CSTA Server installs into %ProgramFiles%\ilink\ShoreTel CSTA Server\.
However, the components of both products use the same port numbers, so there will be port conflicts
when both sets of services are started.
You’ll need to change the port configuration of one of the two products in order to resolve the conflicts.
Details are described in the ShoreTel CSTA Server configuration guide.
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