Installing ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
Admin Guide
Installing Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
You must install a 32 bit Java runtime environment on the same server that you plan to host the
ShoreTel for IBM Solution. JRE 6 or higher are supported.
The ShoreTel for IBM Solution installer checks for the presence of JVM and will proceed only if an
appropriate JVM is detected.
Matching Users
Client users in the Sametime and ShoreTel environments are created and managed independently. Users
in both systems need to be linked in order for ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime to work.
By default, users in both systems are linked by finding matching ShoreTel Properties for one of the
following LDAP properties: uid, SAMAccountName, mail.
The LDAP properties to use for matching are defined in %ProgramFiles%\ilink\ShoreTel Communicator for
Sametime\Application Server\SIS\config\match.xml.
The order of the properties in the match.xml file is significant in that the system tries to match users
using the first property, and then moving down the list in order, until it finds a match.
You can change the LDAP properties used for matching by editing the match.xml file.
Most LDAP properties are compared to the ShoreTel client ID for matching. There are two special cases
outlined below:
Table 1: Mapping LDAP and ShoreTel Properties
ShoreTel Client User ID
ShoreTel Client User ID
ShoreTel Client User ID
(comparing this to the part of the LDAP data that precedes the @
ShoreTel user’s first and last name concatenated with a space
Any other LDAP property
ShoreTel Client User ID
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