Installing ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
Admin Guide
Network Access
Sametime clients need to be able to access the following TCP ports, they must not be blocked by a
ShoreTel HQ or DVS server: 2800, 26535, 26641, and 26642.
ShoreTel HQ only: 8080.
Once you have an installed and fully functional Sametime environment and ShoreTel Unified
Communications Platform, and have reserved the required ports, you can install ShoreTel Communicator
for Sametime. Use the following installation process:
Configure the Sametime trust relationship
Set Sametime policies
Install JVM
Match users
Enhance call functionality
Install ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime on the server
Install ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime on clients
Configure the client for telephony status
Install the permanent license key
Configuring the Sametime Trust Relationship
The first step in installing ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime is to configure the Sametime Community
server to trust the ShoreTel server(s) (i.e. the HQ server and DVS servers if used). The trust relationship
enables the Sametime server to accept communication from the Sametime Integration Services.
You can check that you have correctly configured the Sametime trust relationship by looking at log files.
The Service Activator log, located on the HQ server at %ProgramFiles%\ilink\ShoreTel Communicator for
Sametime\Log Files
displays the following error if the trust relationship is not configured
2014-07-06 14:01:04,110 ERROR [de.ilink.sa.sametime.channel.SametimeConnector] Logged
out, reason = 0x8000021C
And the ShoreTelConfigurator.log file, found on the client at %appdata%\Lotus\Sametime\logs will show
these errors:
2014-07-06 12:53:53,377 ERROR [ChannelClient_ConfigurationPlugin] channelOpenFailed
2014-07-06 12:53:53,377 DEBUG [ChannelClient_ConfigurationPlugin] Server
Application is probably not running
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