Installing ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
Admin Guide
The chapter provides information on the requirements for, and the process of, installing ShoreTel
Communicator for Sametime. Details on uninstalling ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime are also
The following system, hardware, and software requirements must be met before installing ShoreTel
Communicator for Sametime:
Installed and fully functional Sametime 8.5.2 or 9 environment
Installed and fully functional ShoreTel Unified Communication Platform deployment, release 12.0 or
Reserved ports for ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime use
Sametime Environment
You must have an installed and fully operational Sametime 8.5.2 or 9 environment (however the
Sametime Entry version is not supported).
The Sametime environment is made up of a DB2 server, a Websphere application server, a Domino
Server, a Sametime Server, and the Sametime Connect client (standalone Sametime client and
Sametime client embedded in Lotus Notes). If you are using the Sametime client embedded in Lotus
Notes, the embedded Sametime client version must be 8.5.2 or higher (note that Notes 8.5.2 and 8.5.3
ship with an older Sametime client that needs to be updated).
IBM clustering, TCSPI, and Tivoli are not supported.
Sametime environment requirements
The Sametime environment must meet the following requirements:
Domino configurations must be LDAP enabled and the Sametime server needs to be configured to
connect to LDAP (Domino native setup is not supported).
The Sametime server must be configured to operate as a client to a Lightweight Directory Access
Protocol (LDAP) server containing an LDAP directory. The LDAP Directory server contains all user
telephone and email information. This server can be installed on IBM Lotus Domino or Microsoft
Active Directory.
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