D-108 Owner's Manual (Saving and Loading Song Data)
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Saving the data using SCSI
This procedure will SAVE/LOAD using a SCSI harddisk that is a backup disk.
A backup purpose SCSI harddisk is generally used after formatted in the backup format, however, a DOS
formatted (computer format) SCSI harddisk can also be used to SAVE/LOAD in WAV. Data saved in WAV can
be re-loaded and even directly be read by the computer. Therefore, this kind of data can be used as music
software, as well. The prerequisite is that an E-IDE harddisk is the current drive as mentioned in the save
section using a DAT or adat device.
These SCSI devices have already been tested for performance at Fostex.
However, any product lot includes variance in quality.
The test at Fostex does not include inspection for such variance. When you use external SCSI devices, check
the operation carefully. Fostex is not liable for any damage (data loss or damage) caused by using the D-108
with external SCSI devices.
Connecting a SCSI device
Refer to the diagram to connect a SCSI device to a D-108.
<Notes on connection>
* Before making connections, make sure that both the D-108 and the SCSI drive are turned off.
* Up two SCSI drives may be connected on a SCSI chain with the D-108.
Connect one SCSI drive as a "current drive" for real-time recording/playback. (Refer to "SCSI ID number
setting" below.)
* The SCSI connector on the D-108 is a 25-pin connector compatible with Macintosh computers.
Use a cable with connectors that conform to the standards for connecting a SCSI drive.
* The last SCSI drive on the SCSI chain should be terminated. Install a SCSI terminator, or turn the termination
switch to "on" if the drive has a termination qswitch (like a zip drive).
<SCSI ID number setting>
* Be sure to set the SCSI ID number for the SCSI drive correctly, according to the purpose of the drive (as a
current drive or a back-up drive). The ID setting is very important.
Using the SCSI drive as a current drive Select any number from 0 to 5, but not "6."
Using the SCSI drive as a back-up drive Select "6."
Be sure the install the SCSI terminator.
Connect the SCSI cable securely.
About SCSI device
Be sure to use a drive and a disk with ioeration guaranteed by Fostex. For more information on disks
supported by the D-108, refer to the "List of drives with guaranteed operation" in this manual.
* You must format the SCSI disk after you connect it to the D-108. Refer to the “Formatting” section on the next page
for the formatting procedure.
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