D-108 Owner's Manual (Saving and Loading Song Data)
External Digital Device (DAT or Adat)
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Saving the data using DATA OUT
* Restore the initial settings on the D-108.
* Set the same sampling rate on the external digital device and the D-108.
Connecting an external device
Connect DATA OUTPUT connector of the D-108 to the digital input connector on the external digital device.
The D-108 has DATA OUT connectors for an S/P DIF digital signal (OPTICAL) and for an adat
digital signal. These connectors have the same shape but carry different information.
* If the external device has only COAXIAL type (RCA) digital I/O connectors, connect an optional COP-1
(optical/coaxial converter) to use an S/P DIF digital signal.
* Connecting both output and input connectors on the D-108 to the input and output connectors on the
external digital device respectively may generate a digital loop. Refer to “Connecting a digital mixer” on
page "50" for more information.
Setting up an external device
1.Set the same sampling rate to that of the D-108.
2.Select digital input on the external device so that the external device will accept a digital signal.
On some external devices, you may have to set up so that the external device will synchronize with the incoming
digital signal.
If the external device does not accept the digital signal or if you notice digital noise, check the connection, cabling,
and the settings of the D-108 and the external device.
* Refer to the instruction manuals that came with any external digital device for details.
Executing the save operation
Use the “Save PGM?” menu in Setup mode.
* Output format available: adat, DAT, SCSI (6)
* Programs available: P01 - P99
* Track available: When using an adat or DAT: Tracks 1-8, Tracks 1-16, Tracks 1-24, Tracks 9-16,
Tracks 9-24, Tracks 17-24;
When using a SCSI disk: All tracks will be automatically selected.
S/P DIF digital signal (or adat digital signal) from the DATA OUT jack of the D-108 is saved. The prerequisite
is that an E-IDE harddisk is used as a current drive.
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