D-108 Owner’s Manual (MIDI Synchronization)
Checking Chase Lock
1.When the master device (D-108) is played, the flashing “PLAY” button lamp will light and Chase Lock will be
Check to make sure the display shows the correct MTC time.
2.When you start recording on the master device, the slave device will start recording after the Chase Lock
operation is complete.
3.When you stop the master device, the MTC transmission from the master device will be interrupted and the slave
machine will also stop.
The illuminated “PLAY” button's lamp will begin to flash.
4.While the master device is in fast forward or rewind mode, the slave machine will remain stopped.
When you start playing or recording on the master device, the slave machine will start the Chase Lock operation.
The re-chase window of the FD-8 and FD-4 is “10 frames” fixed. This is the same as the D-108. When the MTC of the master device and the MTC
of the slave machine slip from each other by 10 frames or more, the slave machine will interpret this as being out of sync, and will try to lock with the
master device again (this is called a “re-chase” operation). During the re-chase operation, audio output will be muted. If slippage is within 10 frames,
the slave machine will continue running while accepting the slippage. Since the master device supplies a digital signal to the slave machine in this
system, the slave machine will not perform the re-chase operation after chase lock is complete.
* If the Chase Lock operation or control is incorrect, check all connections, cables, and settings.
Selecting a recording track
Select the recording tracks for both master and slave.
You can record while the D-108 is chase locked.
1.Press the SHIFT key on the master machine (SHIFT LED lights up).
The menu to select the ID number of the slave machine appears.
2.Press the select key of the RECORD TRACK according to the ID number of the slave machine.
Exmaple: Slave machine = #2 (ID=01)
Press select key 1 of the RECORD TRACK to control the record track. [Slave Device 01] will lights up on the display.
This makes it possible to select the record track of slave machine #2 with an ID=01.
3. Press the select key of the RECORD TRACK that is the same as the track to record of the slave machine.
Example: Press the select key of the master machine for 1/9 to put track 1 in the SAFE/READY mode. The record track of
the slave machine will be READY.
4. After setting up the slave machine (#2), press the SHIFT key once again.
The KED dims down. Conduct the steps again in the same manner from step 1 to setup slave machine (#3).
* If the control is incorrect, check all connections, cables, and settings.
<One Point Advice>
You can use the D-108 as a slave machine. In this case, set the Slave mode to “On” for the D-108’s “Slave mode setting”, and set Slave
type to “SP DIF” for "Slave mode type setting."
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