D-108 Owner's Manual (Names and Functions)
Names and Functions
<Front Panel (with the detachable controller removed)>
1. Detachable remote controller connector
The detachable remote controller is connected here.
You can remove the controller. Connect the optional
extension cable (Model 8551) to extend the distance.
2. Power switch
This switch turns the main power to the D-108 on/off.
Before turning the power off to the D-108, first quit the Setup
mode and make sure that the recorder section is stopped.
Especially, never attempt to turn off the power to the unit while
the hard disk is accessing data (the HD ACCESS LED is lit or
flashing). Otherwise, not only will you lose recorded data, you
may damage to the unit.
3. Controller mount
The detachable remote controller is mounted on the front
4. Hard disk access LED (Red)
This LED lights up or blinks when the hard disk is writing
or reading data. (Same as the HD ACCESS LED on the
detachable remote controller.)
5. Hard disk power LED (Green)
This LED lights up if the hard disk operates correctly when
you turn the power on to the unit. If the Lock key is
unlocked, the power to the hard disk will not be turned
on, and the LED will not light up.
6. Removable hard disk cartridge slot
This slot is used to insert a removable hard disk cartridge.
This system allows you to replace the hard disk easily.
* Refer to "Quick operation Guide" for more information on
how to replace the removable hard disk cartridge.
This slot is covered by a dust-proof panel when the unit is
shipped from the factory.
Remove this panel in order to insert a cartridge.
The D-108 package contains a removable case (without a hard
disk). Install your hard disk in this removable case.
7. Lock/Unlock key
When you remove or install the hard disk cartridge, you
need to lock/unlock here using the included key.
Be sure to turn the power off to the D-108 before locking or
Should this power switch be switched On/Off in quick succession,
in some cases it will fail to switch On at all. This is due to
functioning of the internal protection circuit and is not a breakdown.
Consequently, should such a symptom appear, switch Off power
for a moment, then switch On again after waiting 1 or 2 minutes.
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