D-108 Owner’s Manual (MIDI Synchronization)
* Initial setting: 00
* Permissible setup ID: 00 ~ 99
* This item will be the setting common to all programs.
* This setting cannot be saved/loaded as song data.
* This setting will be held even though power is switched OFF.
# Refer to page "120", SETUP mode "MIDI device ID setting" for operating procedure and details.
6.Press the DISP SEL key while pressing the EXECUTE/YES key to show time base in the MTC display.
Confirming MTC sync/MMC
1.During recording and at playback after recording, time base MTC is displayed according to the setting and MTC
is output at the same time.
Check that the D-108 traveling position (MTC) and the traveling position of the sequence software in sync are matched.
2.Send MMC commands such as PLAY, STOP and LOCATE from the sequence software to see that the D-108 will
be properly controlled.
When a correct MIDI command (MMC or FEX) is received, "MIDI" in the display will be lit for about 40msec. There is no setting
in the D-108 to receive MMC or FEX but it will operate if a correct MIDI signal is input.
* If sync and control cannot be done correctly, re-check connections/cables and the setting of both equipment.
Execution of recording
Carry out various recordings while synchronizing a D-108 and a MIDI sequencer with the MIDI clock.
<Notes on MTC related setups>
By "MTC offset time setting" and "MTC offset mode setting," at what position (ABS 0 or 001BAR/1BEAT/00CLK) should the setup MTC
(MTC offset time) is to be output is set. When setting the start time of the tune in the sequence software by these setups, be careful of the
following points.
* Offset mode: For ABS
If playback is started from ABS 0, since MTC will be output starting from the MTC offset time that has been set, the start time of the tune
set by the sequence software must be set about 3 seconds later from the MTC offset time that was setup. This will provide time because
the sequence software cannot sync immediately after MTC is output. For example, if the initial setting of 00h 59m 57s 00f 00sf" is used,
set the start time of the tune to "01h 00m 00s 00f." If playback is thus started from ABS 0 (LOCATE ABS 0), sync will be obtained by the
time it reaches the first bar and therefore it can be made to sync from the head of the tune.
* Offset mode: For BAR
As mentioned before, because the "ABS 0" position is set at the "002BAR / 1BEAT / 00CLK" position, the setup MTC offset time can be
set to the head of the tune without taking into account the time until reaching sync, as mentioned above. The length of the time two bars
beforehand will change in accordance to the first bar setting for "signature" and "tempo." For example, it will be long if the tempo is set
slow. This mode can be effectively applied when using the MIDI clock and MTC in parallel, and when using MTC for the sync signal while
controlling the D-160 with time base BAR/BEAT/CLK.
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