D-108 Owner’s Manual (Introduction/Main features/Precautions)
Be sure to connect the D-108 to the power supply specified
in the Specifications section of this Owner’s Manual. Do not
use an AC outlet of any other voltage.
Do not connect the D-108 to the same AC outlet to which
devices that could generate noise (such as a large motor or
dimmer), or the devices that consume a large amount of
power (such as an air conditioning system or large electric
heater) are connected.
If you use the unit in an area with a different power voltage,
first consult your dealer or the nearest FOSTEX service station.
You can use the unit with a power frequency of 50Hz or
It is very dangerous to use a power cord that is frayed or
damage. In such a case, stop using the unit immediately and
ask your dealer to repair the cord.
To avoid possible electric shock and damage to the D-108,
avoid contact with water or other liquids, or do not handle
the power plug while your hands are wet.
To prevent possible electric shock and damage to the D-108,
do not remove the main unit cover or reach the inside the
Do not let water or other liquid, or metal objects such as
pins, accidentally enter the inside of the unit because this
may lead to electric shock or damage. Should water enter
the inside of the unit, remove the power plug from the AC
outlet, and consult your dealer or the nearest FOSTEX service
To prevent damage to the D-108, be sure to power on the
connected devices first, then turn on the power to the D-
Before turning the power off to the D-108, first quit Setup
mode and make sure that the recorder section is stopped.
Especially, never attempt to turn off the power to the unit
while the hard disk is accessing data (the HD ACCESS LED is
lit or flashing). Otherwise, not only will you lose recorded
data, but you may damage to the unit.
FOSTEX is not responsible for the data lost during operation
of the unit.
Before you change the location of the D-108, pack the unit in
the shipping carton or an impact-resistant case.
Make sure that the unit is kept free from external vibration
or impact since the unit is very sensitive to vibration.
Do not install the unit in locations subject to the following:
* Extremely high or low temperature, or significant changes
in temperature.
* Excessive humidity or dust.
* Excessive changes in power supply voltage
* Unstable or significantly vibrating or shaking surfaces.
* Near a strong magnetic field (such as a TV or speaker).
If you move the unit from a place with an excessively low
temperature to a warm place, or if you use the unit in a room
in which the temperature varies significantly during winter,
condensation may occur on the hard disk or other parts. In
such cases, leave the unit for about an hour in the new location
before you turn on the power.
Note on repair
This unit does not use any parts that users can repair easily.
Contact your dealer or the nearest FOSTEX service station to
ask about repairs.
Use the packing carton designed for the D-108 when you
transport the unit to the dealer for repair or return.
If you have discarded the packing box, try to pack the unit
completely using shock absorbing materials. Fostex is not
responsible for malfunction or damage due to incomplete
packaging or caused during transport.
About copyrights
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About damage
FOSTEX is not responsible for any “direct damage” or
“indirect damage” caused by using the D-108.
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