D-108 Owner’s Manual (Digital Recording)
Digital and analog simultaneous recording
Set the “Digital Input Track Setup”. Analog signal recording is possible for all other tracks that are not assigned
when recording S/P DIF digital signals (excluding adat digital signals). Use this function to simultaneously record
a total of 8 tracks with a breakdown of 2 S/P DIF digital signals (L, R) and 6 analog signals. In the following
connection example, S/P DIF signals from CD, MD or DAT are input sources to track 1 and 2, and the instrument/
vocal analog signals pass through the mixer to tracks 3-8, to simultaneously record 8 tracks. Put the D-108 in the
“Initial Setting” prior top starting operations.
In the same way as "Recording from external digital equipment," be sure to set any external
digital equipment and the D-108 to the same sampling rate.
Mixing console
Normally, when using commercial equipment such as CD or MD for recording, set to [Opt.] the SETUP
mode [Clock Sel.?] menu. If a recording is made with the [Clock Sel.?] menu remained in the initial setting [Int.],
the clock will change become asynchronous and cause sound deterioration. For information on setting up the
[Clock Sel.?] menu, refer to page 122.
Connecting an external digital device
and musical instruments
1. Connect the DATA IN jack of the D-108 with the
OPTICAL OUT jack of an external digital device
using an optical cable.
If the digital device has only the COAXIAL (RCA pin) jack
as a digital output, use a Fostex COP-1.
2. Connect the analog signal sound source to the
mixer input.
For any musical instruments or microphones to be
connected as the sound source, set the mixer to record
on tracks 3-8 on the D-108.
Starting the recording Program
1. If multiple Programs exist, first select the desired
recording Program.
Setting a digital input track
1. In the “Setting digital input tracks” menu in SETUP
mode, set [L: 1] and [R: 2], then exit SETUP mode.
Now inputs L and R from the external digital device are
assigned to tracks 1 and 2.
When you finish setting the parameters in SETUP mode,
be sure to press the EXIT/NO key or the STOP key to exit
SETUP mode.
Setting a recording track
1. Set the RECORD TRACK select keys 1-8 in READY
mode for recording on tracks 1-8.
With this setting, digital signals can be recorded on tracks
1 and 2 and sound sources such as musical instruments
connected to the mixer inputs can be simultaneously
recorded on tracks 3-8.
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