D-108 Owner’s manual (Punch In/Out Recording)
The D-108 operates as follows.
Auto Punch In/Out Take
After you are satisfied with your rehearsal, you can proceed to an actual take of Auto Punch In/Out.
You can undo or redo Auto Punch In/Out recording if you change your mind. The control panel settings are the
same as those for rehearsal.
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Auto Punch In point
(Take In)
Auto Punch Out point
(Take Out)
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
This part is changed.
start point
end point
The D-108 punches in auto-
matically at the Auto Punch In
The D-108 punches out auto-
matically at the Auto Punch Out
All tracks are in playback
monitoring mode.
All tracks are in playback
monitoring mode.
Only track 3 in input
monitoring, and data will be
The RECORD LED lights up
un this area.
Note-1: The Undo/Redo function is effective only when the D-108 is stopped.
Note-2: The Undo/Redo is not effective if you perform one of the following operations after you finish recording:
When a new recording is made.
While a new editing is executed (such as Copy & Paste, Move & Paste, or Erase).
When in the AUTO PUNCH ON mode, when the AUTO PUNCH IN point is passed in the PLAY (or RECORD) mode.
When the power is momentarily switched off.
When the program is changed.
When ejecting a removable SCSI disk that is the current drive.
4. Press the RECORD button while holding down the
PLAY button.
Only TAKE LED (red) lights up and starts TAKE.
1. Press the RECORD TRACK select key [3] to set
track 3 to READY.
2. Locate a point slightly before the Auto Punch In
3. Confirm that Auto Punch mode is turned on.
Press the AUTO PUNCH key to turn on the function, if it is
not already on (REHEARSAL/TAKE LED flashes).
5. When you finish recording, press the STOP button.
6. Play track 3 to check the result of the Auto Punch
In/Out operation.
If you fail with AUTO PUNCH IN/OUT and are not satisfied,
repeat the process by performing the AUTO PUNCH IN/
OUT undo operations described in the next section.
<Caution after Punch Out>
At “Take” of punch out, the punch-in recording track will not
immediately enter the repro monitor mode from the input
monitor mode enter the repro monitor mode about two
seconds after mute playback. This is a functional feature of
D-108 and not a malfunction.
Track 3 indication on the display will only light up between
the AUTO PUNCH IN/OUT point, and will flash in any other
When the Auto Punch Out point is passed, the D-108
cancels Auto Punch mode automatically, and nothing
appears in the A. PUNCH display area.
Undo/Redo Auto Punch In/Out recording
You can undo or redo Auto Punch In/Out recording.
Press the UNDO key after recording is complete to restore the conditions that existed prior to the recording.
Press the REDO key again to restore the conditions that existed after the recording.
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