D-108 Owner’s Manual (Before Starting)
The REMAIN indicator displays the
amount of unrecorded area.
recordable disk area (20 min./100MB)
recorded area (4 min. 27 sec./19MB) unrecorded area (15 min. 33 sec./81MB)
ABS 0 23H, 59M, 59S
03M 00S 00F 10M 00S 00F 12M 00S 00F
unrecorded area unrecorded area
recorded area (3 min.) recorded area (2 min.)
You can record at any point within 24 hours in ABS time.
The area actually used on the disk.
recordable disk area (e.g.: 30 minutes)
recorded area (5 min.) unrecorded area (25 min.)
You can record at any point within 24 hours in ABS time.
<Display example>
Gray areas are recorded areas.
White areas are unrecorded areas.
Recording method and REMAIN indicator
Recording method
The D-108 uses a E-IDE hard disk, SCSI removable disk (such as an MO disk, zip disk etc.), or fixed disk instead
of a cassette tape. You can start recording sound sources from any point on a formatted disk as long as the
point is within the range of 24 hours in ABS time, as described in the previous “Time Base” section. (Refer to
the following diagram.)
For example, if you record three minutes of data starting from ABS 0 (top of the disk) to ABS 03m 00s 00f on
a disk that has a recordable space of thirty minutes, as shown in the diagram, then if you record two minutes
starting at the 10-minute point in ABS time (ABS 10m 00s 00f) to ABS 12m 00s 00f, the recording end point
(REC END) is 12 minutes (ABS 12m 00s 00f) in ABS time. However, this does not mean that the entire
recording duration is 12 minutes. The disk space actually used for recording is five minutes (3 minutes + 2
That is, the area between three minutes and ten minutes (that corresponds to 25 minutes of recording space)
in terms of ABS time is still unrecorded.
When you try to play or fast forward this unrecorded area, the time counter on the display will count, but the
D-108 will not access the disk. However, MTC will be output when you try to play this area.
On the D-108, the top of the disk is called “ABS 0” and the recording end point is called “REC END.”
REMAIN indicator
The REMAIN indicator displays available recording time expressed in time value (ABS or MTC) or bar/beat/
clock (BAR/BEAT/CLI) value, depending on the currently selected Time Base. It also indicates the available
disk space. Right after you format the disk, the REMAIN indicator will show the maximum recordable time
and space on the disk. The following example shows that the disk had about 20 minutes or 100MB recordable
space after the disk format operation, and has recorded data of 4 minutes 27 seconds (or 19MB).
The REMAIN value is calculated on a mono-track basis. That is, the value indicates available recording time
and space if you record on one mono track.
For example, if you wish to know how much you can record on four tracks, you need to divide the current
REMAIN value by eight.
The REMAIN value is also calculated by deducting the time and space of all data on the Real tracks and
Additional tracks from the original available recording time and space. Therefore, even if there is no recording
on Real tracks, but there is data on Additional tracks, the REMAIN time will consider the time and space used
by the data to calculate available time and space.
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