D-108 Owner’s Manual (Before Starting)
recorded area non recorded area
00M, 00S, 00F 00M, 08S, 00F REC END
23H, 59M, 59S
-002 BAR, 1 , 00 CLK 001 BAR, 1 , 00 CLK
01H, 00M, 00S, 00F 01H, 00M, 08S, 00F
00H, 59M, 52S, 00F 01H, 00M, 00S, 00F 00H, 59M, 51S
00H, 59M, 59S
BAR = 001BAR, 0404
TEMPO=001BAR, 1 , 60
MTC OFFSET=01H, 00M, 00S, 00F
(This shall be assumed to be the
MTC OFFSET time set for the ABS
00M, 00S, and 00F positions.)
MTC OFFSET=01H, 00M, 00S, 00F
(This shall be assumed to be the MTC
OFFSET time set for the 00 BAR, 1
and 00 CLK positions.)
Before Starting
Time Base
The word “Time Base” appears frequently in this manual. The concept of Time Base is similar to a “tape counter”
on a conventional tape-based multitracker in that it indicates the precise position of the recorder transport
section (the current position).
The D-108 offers three types of Time Base: ABS (Absolute type), MTC (MIDI time code), and BAR/BEAT/CLK (bar/
beat/clock). ABS indicates an absolute time on the disk. MTC indicates a relative time that is obtained by adding
a certain value (MTC offset value) to the ABS value. BAR/BEAT/CLK indicates the position in a song created in the
internal Tempo Map according to MIDI clock and Song Position Pointer. The following diagrams depict the
relationship among these three types of the Time Base.
This chapter describes some basic items that you need to know before you start operating the D-108.
All users, including those who are familiar with using tape-based multitrackers and those who are new to
multitrackers, should read this chapter thoroughly to understand the functions of the D-108.
1. Time Base
2. Recording method and REMAIN indicator
3. Managing songs by Program Change function
4. Real tracks and Additional tracks
5. Input monitoring and playback monitoring
6. Audio file and Event
You can switch between these three types of Time Base
to suit your purpose. (Refer to the explanation in “Display
Section” on page “18” for more information on switching
Time Base.)
When BAR/BEAT/CLK is selected as Time Base,
the position for ABS 0 (top of the disk) is always “-2 BAR,
1 , 00 CLK” and you cannot modify this value.
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