D-108 Owner's Manual (Names and Functions)
39. Fast Forward button [F FWD]
Pressing this button while the recorder section is stopped
will fast forward data at 30 times speed. Pressing this
button in Play mode will cue data (you can hear sound
during the fast forward operation) at five times speed.
Pressing this button while holding down the STOP button
will initiate the "LOCATE ABS REC END" operation, and
immediately locate the end of the recorded data on the
Program (ABS REC END). (Refer to the "STOP button"
section for more information about LOCATE ABS REC
40. Locked LED [LOCKED] (green)
The Locked LED will blink when the D-108 is setup as
slave mode. It will light on when the lock is achieved.
* Refer to pages "80" and "115" for more information about "Slave
Mode Function."
41. Hard disk access LED (green)
This LED lights up or blinks when the hard disk is writing
or reading data.
Do not turn the power off while this LED is lit or blinking.
Otherwise, data on the hard disk may be damaged.
42. MIDI Time Code In LED [TC IN] (green)
This LED lights up when MTC (MIDI Time Code) is input
from an external MIDI device to the MIDI IN connector of
the D-108.
43. Punch In/Out jack [PUNCH IN/OUT]
(Connector: PHONE jack)
Connecting the optional foot switch will let you control
punch In/Out (and rehearsal) recording. Use a Fostex
Model 8051 foot switch.
Be sure to use an “unlatch type” foot switch if you use a foot
switch other than the Model 8051. Otherwise, a malfunction
could occur.
* Refer to page "43" for information about Punch In/Out recording
using the foot switch.
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