D-108 Owner’s Manual (MIDI Implementation Chart/MMC List)
Data Type Data Type
Data Type Data Type
Data Type
<loop op.mode><loop op.mode>
<loop op.mode><loop op.mode>
<loop op.mode> 12=stop
Indicates the next operating mode following locating to the start point (GP3) upon arriving
at the end point (GP6) by the play mode. In D-108, 12=stop only is effective.
<post locate mode><post locate mode>
<post locate mode><post locate mode>
<post locate mode> 12=stop
Specifies operating mode in which D--108 should enter upon completing the locate
operation. Corresponds to the setting of AUTO PLAY ON ("15")/OFF ("12") on the main
<count> 01~7F
Specifies succeeding data byte numbers.
<mmc track><mmc track>
<mmc track><mmc track>
<mmc track> Complies to the MMC (MIDI MACHINE CONTROL) standard track bit map.
In D-108, you always need to specify two byte combinations of "r0" and "r1."
<edit message><edit message>
<edit message><edit message>
<edit message> 00 = no message
01 = completed (completion flag)
02 = active (execution flag)
02<mmc time> = Indicates unprocessed time by active (execution flag) and <mmc time>.
02<count><mmc track> = Indicates source track by active (execution flag) and <mmc
track>. Used for clipboard play.
03 = cancel (execution stop)
05 = Indicates rehearsal (rehearsal mode of auto rec). Possible of undo.
06 = Indicates take (take mode of auto rec). Possible of undo.
10 = over value error
10 <mmc time> = Capacity shortage time is indicated by over value error (error by
capacity shortage) and <mmc time>. In copy paste, it indicates capacity shortage time
required for a minimum one time paste.
11 = Indicates in point error (incorrect in point).
12 = Indicates out point error (incorrect out point).
14 = Indicates void data (data necessary for paste does not exist).
18 = Indicates track select error (track necessary to execute copy/move or erase/cut is not
correctly setup).
19<repeat count> = Indicates repeat number error and repeat numbers executable by
<repeat count>.
1A = Indicates disable rec (record disable mode).
25 = Indicates can't undo rehearsal (rehearsal mode of auto rec). Impossible to undo.
26 = Indicates can't undo take (take mode of auto rec). Impossible toundo.
71 = Indicates on.
72 = Indicates off.
<mmc time><mmc time>
<mmc time><mmc time>
< m m c t i m e > hr mn sc fr {ff/st} complies to the MMC standard time code.
<on/off> 70 = default
71 = on
72 = off
<repeat count><repeat count>
<repeat count><repeat count>
<repeat count> 01~F
Especially when executing commands such as paste, the number of pasting times to be
continuously repeated following the auto punch in point is specified.
< c h a n n e l > 00~08, 7F
Select recorder tracks 1~8. "00" in particular, is not specified (default setting). "7F"
indicates input/output of Adat optical. For details, refer to explanation on setting the
<lock enable><lock enable>
<lock enable><lock enable>
< l o c k e n a b l e > 00 = lock disable, chase disable
01 = lock enable, chase enable
Corresponds to SLAVE ON ("01")/OFF ("00") in the main unit.
<lock status><lock status>
<lock status><lock status>
<lock status> 00 = lock disable, chase disable
01 = lock enable (unlocked), chase enable (unlocked)
11 = lock enable (locked), chase enable (locked)
<program> 01Å`7F
Indicates program numbers (P1~P99) on the main unit. However, D-108 can specify only
01 (corresponds to P01)~63H (corresponds to P99).
<lock mode><lock mode>
<lock mode><lock mode>
<lock mode> 40 = Free
42 = MTC
45 = S/P DIF
46 = Adat
Indicates the slave mode when this equipment is set to slave ON.
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