D-108 Owner’s Manual (Changing the initial setting <SETUP mode>)
Time Signature Setting ("Signature Set?")
This mode sets up the time signature of a song.
The way it sets this up is, for example, to start a song with a 4/4 beat from the first bar, then to change it to a 2/4 beat at bar number
17. The time signature and next section tempo setting make up a tempo map.
After the tempo map is figured out by completing the time signature and tempo setting, the D-108 will be able to handle "BAR /
BEAT/CLOCK" and the metronome function. You need to set up the time signature and tempo to generate the MIDI Clock & Song
Position Pointer.
* Refer to page "117" for details of "MIDI Clock Synchronization".
* Initial Setting: 001bar 4/4 beat
* Available bars: 001 ~ 999
* Available time signature: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 1/8, 3/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8, - -/- - (Delete)
* Maximum setting points : 64
* The setting is applicable song by song.
* The setting can be saved or loaded as a part of the song data
* The setting is memorized even when the power is off.
* Make sure you choose the right program before setting this mode.
1. Press the DISP SEL key and choose the flashing SETUP
mode on the display. Then, press the EXECUTE/YES key.
The SETUP display stops flashing.
2. Choose "Signature Set?" with the JOG dial.
The "?" display will start flashing.
3. Press the EXECUTE/YES key.
The D-108 will display "SIGNATURE" and the last recalled
bar number with the time signature that has been registered.
In the case of the initial setting, as only the first bar is
registered with a 4/4 beat, it will show "001 bar, 4/4 beat".
Time Signature Setting Check
4. Turn the JOG dial when the D-108 displays "SIGNATURE".
If there are some setting changes registered in a song, you
can see the next set up point by rotating the JOG dial clock
wise. ("*** bar */* )
If you turn the JOG dial fully clockwise, "- - - bar - /- " will
be displayed. This means there are no more time signature
changing points registered.
The D-108 counts a beat with the last registered time signature, i.e.
one bar before the "- - - bar - / -
" . In the case of the initial setting,
because only the first bar is registered with a 4/4 beat, the beat counts
with a 4/4 beat until the end unless you register a different time signa-
ture after the second bar.
Time Signature Register
5. Press the EXECUTE/YES key when the D-108 displays
The display will show "- /- " flashing to allow you to enter
a new time signature changing point.
6. Use either the HOLD/> key or SHUTTLE dial to choose "bar"
or " beat". Then, use the JOG dial to enter the bar
number or time signature you want.
The bar numbers you can enter are from 001 to 999.
And the time signatures you can enter are "1/4, 2/4, 3/4,
4/4, 5/4, 1/8, 3/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8".
For your information, the "- /- " means "No Signature
registered" and can be used to delete a signature change
point. When you turn the JOG dial while the display shows
"*** bar" flashing, it will either show the time signature as
"*/*" on the already registered bars or as "- /- " if a bar has
no time signature registered.
7. Press the EXECUTE/YES key after you have entered a re
quired bar number and time signature.
The setting will now be registered. Then, the display will go
back to Item 5 and show "*** bar" flashing, allowing you to
enter a new time signature setting.
8. Repeat the procedures described in items 5 ~ 7 to register
further time signatures.
* Press either the STOP button or EXIT/NO key to return
from the second step to the first or to quit SETUP mode.
The menu will go backwards each time you press either
key so that you can correct the setting, choose some other
SETUP mode or eventually return to the normal time base
You can register the setting up to 64 points. If you try to register over
64 points, the 65th point onwards will be ignored.
Time Signature Edit & Delete
Follow the procedures described as in Items 1 ~ 5.
6. When the display shows flashing "*** bar", choose the bar
that carries the signature you want to edit with the JOG dial.
7. Press the HOLD/> key or turn the shuttle dial to choose the
"* / * ".
The flashing display will move to the "* / *" and allows you
to change the time signature setting.
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