D-108 Owner’s Manual (Changing the initial setting <SETUP mode>)
<Table-3> “Execution” menu
Execution item Display Refer page Community
Deleting a Program Delete PGM ? 37 -
Editing a Program title Title Edit PGM ? 38 -
Saving song data to an external digital device Save PGM ? 88 -
Loading song data from an external digital device Load PGM ? 88 -
Formatting an current drive disk Disk Format ? 29 -
Track swapping Track Exchange ? 73 -
<Table-2> “Check” menu
Check item Display Refer page Community
Check of the Event number on the track. NOs Of Event ? 123 -
Changing the Initial Settings (SETUP Mode)
SETUP mode of the D-108 offers the “Changing the initial settings” menus that configure the operating environment
of the D-108, a “Check” menu that enables you to check the number of events of each track, and the “Execution”
menus that execute certain operations, such as save and load.
The “Changing the initial settings” menus include 20 parameters as shown in Table-1 below. These parameters
were set before the unit was shipped from the factory (These values are called the “initial settings.”). Modifying
these settings allows you to change the operating environment of the D-108.
The “Check” menu provides one parameter “Checking the number of events” as shown in Table-2.
Also, as shown in Table-3, the “Execution” menus include six items: Title Edit?, Delete. PGM?, Load PGM?, Save
PGM?, and Disk Format?, which you can execute by selecting the corresponding SETUP menu. This chapter
explains how to use the “Changing the initial settings” menus shown in Table-1 and the “Check” menu shown in
Table-2. For more information on the “Execution” menus, refer to the corresponding pages in the “Reference
page” column in Table-3.
<Table-1> “Changing the initial settings” menu
Parameters Display Default setting Refer page Community
Setting a time signature Signature Set ? 001BAR 4/4 108
Setting a Tempo Tempo Map Set ? 001BAR 1 120 109
Setting the metronome function Click ? oFF 111
Setting a preroll time Preroll Time ? 00 111
Setting MIDI sync output signal MIDI Sync OUT ? CLk (Clock) 112
Setting an MTC frame rate Frame Rate ? 25 frame 113
Setting an MTC offset value MTC OFFSET 00H 59M 57S 00F 00SF 113
Setting Offset mode Offset Mode ? ABS 114
Setting the slave mode Slave Mode ? oFF 115
Setting the reference time code Ref. TC ? Void Available with option Model 8345 (Refer to the 8345 manual)
Setting the slave type Slave Type ? VAri 116
Setting the record protect function Rec Protect ? oFF 117
Setting digital input tracks Digi in ? L- R- (No assign) 117
Setting digital output tracks Digi out ? adat 119
Setting BAR/BEAT resolution mode Resolution ? oFF 120
Setting the MIDI device ID number Device ID ? 00 120
Setting the sampling rate Sample Rate ? 44.1 121
Setting the operating Clock Clock Sel. ? Int 122
Setting the sync preset Sync Preset ? Available with option Model 8345 (Refer to the 8345 manual)
Setting the current drive Drive Sel. ? IDE 123 *
Modes applicable program by program. They can be saved/loaded.
Modes applicable to all programs. They cannot be seved/loaded.
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