8 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac ShoreTel 14.2
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac Installing Growl
Installing Growl
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac generates notifications when you receive a new call or voice mail.
These notifications are enabled by installing Growl, which is a freeware public domain product used to
enable notification features in Mac OS X applications.
The Growl installer is bundled with Communicator for Mac. If Growl has not been previously installed,
when you receive your first call, the Growl installation panel is displayed.
Click Install to start the installation process.
Opening ShoreTel Communicator for Mac
Before opening ShoreTel Communicator for Mac, you need from your system administration:
Your server name.
Your ShoreTel system name or domain name.
Your ShoreTel system password or domain password.
Once you have opened Communicator for Mac the first time, you can have Communicator for Mac
open automatically whenever you log into your system by right-clicking on the ShoreTel Dock icon,
and choosing the Open at Login command. Note that you must drag the ShoreTel Communicator
for Mac icon onto the Dock from the Applications folder beforehand.
Complete the following steps to open ShoreTel Communicator for Mac:
1. From the Applications folder, double-click the ShoreTel Communicator for Mac icon.
2. If this if your first time launching ShoreTel Communicator for Mac, confirm that you want to open it
by clicking Open.
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