Upgrading ShoreTel Communicator for Mac 1
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac 53
If you receive information from you system administration that an upgrade to ShoreTel Communicator
for Mac is available, follow the installation procedure to install the new version.
To uninstall ShoreTel Communicator for Mac, move Applications/ShoreTel Communicator to the
Trash. If you want to uninstall Growl, refer to the instructions at http://growl.info/documentation/growl-
Getting Help
For the Help menu, choosing Communicator Help provides access to this document, which opens in a
separate window, in PDF format.
If you need help on a specific area of the product, use the PDF Find feature. PDF Find is available
from the Edit > Find, or by pressing Ctrl+F.
In addition, ShoreTel Communicator provides help on specific fields by clicking ? associated with a
Click here to get Help on the associated field
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