52 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac ShoreTel 14.2
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac Using the ShoreTel Softphone
1. Plug your headset into your computer’s audio outlet.
2. Assign your extension to your SoftPhone.
Your extension remains assigned to your SoftPhone until you either assign your extension to
another device or shut down your computer (see Assigning an Extension on page 21 for more
information on configuring your Softphone).
3. In the Main window, click Communicator to open the drop-down menu.
4. From the drop-down menu, select Softphone Preferences.
The Softphone Preferences window appears.
5. Specify your preferences.
Microphone: Built-in Microphone or Built-in Input. Built-in Microphone is recommended.
Sound Output: Built-in Output.
Call Notification: Incoming Call or None.
6. Use the ShoreTel Communicator for Mac Softphone to make and manage your calls.
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