50 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac ShoreTel 14.2
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac Customizing ShoreTel Communicator for Mac
4. Select Suppress dial-tone when off-hook to use Communicator for Mac with a headset or
speaker phone instead of a receiver (i.e. in handsfree mode).
The phone is off hook and the dial tone is suppressed. At the conclusion of a call you can initiate a
new call without hanging up the phone.
5. If you want to be notified of incoming calls and new voice mail by a tone, select Enable sound.
You must have Flash 9.0 or higher installed for this option to work.
6. If you need to dial a prefix to make an external call, use the Prefix to dial external number drop-
down menu to choose the prefix.
7. Choose the audio path you want by default when you are off-hook from the Default audio path for
automatic off-hook drop-down menu.
8. You can change the password you use to access ShoreTel Communicator by using the Current,
New, and Confirm fields.
These fields are read-only if you are authenticated as a user through Active Directory credentials.
9. Click Save.
Customizing ShoreTel Communicator for Mac
Options are provided to personalize how Communicator for Mac looks and how you want to use the
Complete the following steps to customize Communicator for Mac:
1. From the Preferences window, click Customization.
The Customization page is displayed.
2. Select the appropriate options in the Display Settings area. These options are
Choose theme. The background color of Communicator for Mac windows and panels.
Language to use. The language you want for the Communicator for Mac user interface.
Language used by voice mail and IP phones. The language you want for voice mail and your
Date settings. The date format used by Communicator for Mac.
Time settings. The time format used by Communicator for Mac.
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