44 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac ShoreTel 14.2
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac Configuring Call Handling Modes
When caller presses “0”, transfer to. To designate a recipient of your calls other than the operator
when the caller presses 0 (zero) while listening to your voice mail greeting, find and choose the
recipient from the associated field.
You find a recipient by entering information on the recipient in the field; matches from the directory
are displayed as the text is entered.
Scheduled mode change. If the call handling mode allows for schedule mode changes, choose the
appropriate schedule from the associated field’s drop-down menu.
Schedules are created and maintained by your system administrator. Contact your system
administrator for a explanation of a schedule or if you need a custom schedule.
Voice mail escalation profile. If you want to assign a voice mail escalation profile to the call
handling mode, from the drop-down list, select the profile you want to use.
A voice mail escalation profile defines a series of contact attempts when you do not respond to an
inbound voice message requiring an immediate response. Escalation profiles are specified in your
version of Communicator for Windows.
Call handling note. Enter details about the definition of this call handling mode.
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