42 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac ShoreTel 14.2
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac Configuring Call Handling Modes
You can find a specific phone number by entering information in the field; matches from the
directory are displayed as the text is entered. Select the number you want.
Send incoming Caller ID. Select if you want the incoming caller’s ID sent to the Find Me
destination. The caller ID is displayed before you answer the call.
Enable record caller’s name for Find Me. Select to prompt the caller to record their name for
calls routed to the Find Me destination. The caller’s name is then played before you answer
the call. You can then select Record name even if caller ID is present to require all callers to
record their name, regardless of the availability of their Caller ID. This excludes internal users
whose name was previously recorded.
Enable Find Me for incoming calls before playing greeting. Select to route calls to the Find Me
destination without requiring the caller to press 1.
5. Click Save.
Configuring Call Handling Modes
A call handling mode determines the manner that your inbound calls are handled in a variety of
situations. ShoreTel provides five call handling modes: Standard, In a Meeting, Out of Office, Extended
Absence, and Custom.
You configure whether you want warnings about how the Standard call handling mode is being used
when starting up ShoreTel Communicator, which users can change your call handling mode, and the
definition of each call handling mode. This definition can include a recorded greeting and specifies how
to handle call forwarding in various situations.
Complete the following steps to configure call handling modes:
1. From the Preferences window, click Call Handling Mode.
The Call Handling Mode page is displayed.
2. If you want to change your current call handling mode, choose the mode from the Current call
handling mode area.
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