Configuring Phones ShoreTel Communicator for Mac 1
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac 41
2. From the Incoming Calls Ring drop-down menu, choose the configured phone for which you
want to identify incoming call routing. This is also the phone to which your extension is, or will be,
3. In the Additional Phones area, select the call handling mode(s) for which you want additional
phones to ring simultaneously. Then choose the configured phone(s) that you want to ring.
4. Use the options in the Find Me area to specify if you want callers who are routed to your voice
mailbox to be able to contact you. These options are
When callers reach my voice mail and my Call Handling Mode is. Select the call handling
mode(s) for which callers can reach you.
Find Me at the following. Specify the first and second phones, in order, to which the call is
routed. These can be internal extensions or external phones.
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