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Creating New Voice Mail
Using Communicator for Mac you can create a new voice mail from the Voice Mail window. Note that
you can only send a voice mail to other ShoreTel users. Voice messages are recorded using your
telephone or a microphone.
By default, message length is 2 seconds. If you want more time for your voice mails, contact your
system administrator.
Complete the following steps to create a voice mail:
1. From the Voice Mail window, choose More > New.
2. In the resulting window, enter the names of the recipient(s) in the To field. Matches from the
directory are displayed as the text is entered
3. In the Subject field, type the subject of the message.
4. If the message requires immediate attention, select the checkbox for Urgent. You can also select
the Private and Return Receipt checkboxes to indicate if the voice message is of a private nature
and if you want notification that the recipient has listened to the voice mail.
5. Click the Record button and speak into your microphone or telephone to record your message.
6. Click the Stop button when you have finished recording.
7. Use the Play/Pause button and the cursor to review the message.
8. When you are ready to send your recorded message, click Send.
Sending Email
You can send email from Communicator for Mac’s History window and Voice Mail window.
To send an email, choose the contact email address from the Contact Sender menu.
You default email application’s window for composing email is automatically opened.
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