34 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac ShoreTel 14.2
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac Listening to Voice Mail
Editing the subject heading
Changing the status of a message
Forwarding messages
Creating a new voice mail
If you have installed Growl, you are notified of a new voice message.
Using voice mail options, you can:
Specify how messages are recorded, played, and delivered.
Record a new message.
Change your voice mail password.
Refer to Specifying Voice Mail Options on page 45 for information. You can also be notified of a new
voice mail by a tone and specify how messages are escalated. Refer to Specifying Telephony Options
on page 49 and Configuring Call Handling Modes on page 42 for more information about these
Listening to Voice Mail
A list of your voice mails, in the order they are received, is shown in the Voice Mail window. Messages
that have not yet been heard are displayed in bold. Communicator for Mac also allows you to control
the audio playback of a voice mail.
To listen to a voice mail, double-click the voice mail you want to listen to in the Voice Mail window.
To control audio playback of a voice mail, use the Play/Pause and Stop buttons in the Voice Mail
Replying to Voice Mail
You can reply to a voice mail by voice mail or by contacting the sender through other methods (i.e.
making a telephone call or sending an email).
Note that you can only reply to a voice mail sent by other ShoreTel Communicator users. You can only
reply by telephone if Caller ID is available for a voice mail.
Complete the following steps to reply to a message by voice mail:
1. From the Voice Mail window, select the message to which you want to response.
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