Creating a Conference Call ShoreTel Communicator for Mac 1
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac 31
Complete the following steps to send digits while on a call:
1. Select the call in the Active Call area, and click the Send Digits icon on the Assignment bar.
2. Use the keypad dialer to send the digits you want.
Creating a Conference Call
Conference calls are voice calls that involve more than two parties. In addition to a regular conference
call, you can also consult with a participant before adding them to the conference call. ShoreTel
supports conference calls with a maximum of six participants.
After a conference call is created, the Active Call area is updated with details of the conference,
including the participants.
You can also drop a participant from a conference or terminate the entire conference.
Complete the following steps to create a conference call:
1. Make a call to a conference participant.
2. Once the call is connected, in the Active Call area click the Conference icon associated with the
call, and from the drop-down menu choose the type of conference you want to make.
The call is placed on hold.
3. In the resulting field, enter the name or number of the participant you want to add to the
conference call.
Matches from the directory are displayed as the text is entered.
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