28 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac ShoreTel 14.2
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac Answering a Call
To call your paging system or night bell, click the More menu and choose the type of call you want to
The call is placed and call details are displayed in the Active Call area.
Answering a Call
Answering a call is easy with ShoreTel Communicator for Mac. You are notified of an incoming call in
two ways:
If you have selected the Enable sound option, you hear an audible tone.
Incoming call information is shown in the Active Call area of Communicator for Mac.
Once answered, the details associated with the call in the Active Call area changes to indicate the
connected status of the call.
You can answer a call in one of the following ways:
Double-click on the call in the Active Call area.
In the Active Call area, click the Answer icon associated with the call,
Transferring Calls
You can transfer a call to another person, number, or device. In addition to a blind transfer, you can
also consult with the recipient before transferring the call, transfer the call to a voice mailbox, park a
transferred call, and page a recipient before transferring the call.
Once transferred, the call is removed from the Active Call area.
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