26 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac ShoreTel 14.2
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac Making Calls
The History window
The Voice Mail window.
Your Mac Address Book
Other applications
In addition to calling a contact, you can make a call to a paging system or night bell.
Communicator for Mac helps reduce your attempts to call unavailable parties by identifying the
availability (presence) of a contact to accept your call. For information, refer to Identifying Presence on
page 38.
Once you have placed a call, details of the connected call are shown in the Active Call area of
Communicator for Mac.
Making a Call Using the QuickDialer
The QuickDialer offers rapid access to directories and personal contacts, and provides a quick way to
make a phone call.
Complete the following steps to make a call using the QuickDialer:
1. From the QuickDialer field, select the recipient of the call, then choose the phone number you
want to use.
Making a Call from the History Window
The History window displays all previous incoming and outgoing calls.
To make a call from the History window, double-click on the contact you want to call.
Making a Call from Your Mac Address Book
If you have uploaded your personal contacts from your Mac Address Book to ShoreTel Communicator
for Mac, you can make a call directly from your Mac Address Book.
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