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If you have installed Growl, you are notified of an incoming call. Information on Communicator for
Mac’s Presence feature, which you can use to inform colleagues of your, and be informed of their,
availability to receive a call can be found in the section Identifying Presence on page 38.
To make and receive calls from the device you want to use, assign an extension. You can also
define how incoming calls to an extension are routed, and identify the manner that your inbound
calls are handled in a variety of situations.
You can customize how Communicator for Mac interacts with your telephone by:
Suppressing the call waiting tone, which is a signal inserted into the audio path during a voice call
to alert you of an inbound call. Calls that you receive when the call waiting tone is suppressed are
handled as specified by your active call handling mode.
Enabling handsfree mode, so that you can use ShoreTel Communicator with a headset or speaker
phone. The phone is off hook and the dial tone is suppressed. At the conclusion of a call you can
initiate a new call without hanging up the phone.
Being notified of an incoming call by a tone. You must have Flash 9.0 or higher installed for this
option to work.
Specifying the prefix that must be dialed to make an external call, so that you do not have dial the
Choosing the audio path you want by default when you are off-hook.
For information, refer to Specifying Telephony Options on page 49.
Selecting Your Off-Hook Device
If you choose to use Communicator for Mac with an off-hook device (i.e. speaker, headset, wireless
headset, or Bluetooth device), choose the default device from More > Default Auto Off-Hook.
You can specify the default audio path for the off-hook device, as explained in the section Specifying
Telephony Options on page 49.
Making Calls
Using ShoreTel Communicator for Mac, you can easily make a call to a contact by using one of the
following tools:
The QuickDialer
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