22 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac ShoreTel 14.2
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac Defining Incoming Call Routing
2. From the menu, choose the phone to which you want to assign your extension.
The icon on the Assignment bar changes to indicate the default phone. ShoreTel routes all your
calls to this phone.
If Softphone is selected, you must specify the Softphone Preferences.
3. If you want to use a phone that is not listed on the menu, choose Configure Phones.
The My Phones page opens for you to configure the phone.
4. You can now define how incoming calls to the phone are routed.
Defining Incoming Call Routing
With ShoreTel Communicator, you can define how incoming calls to a configured phone are routed as
Ring Additional Phones enables additional phones to ring simultaneously when someone calls
your extension or your DID number. When you answer the phone on one of the devices, you are
connected to the caller and the other devices stop ringing.
Note that if your system has gone down, or you have moved one of the devices, you must
reconfigure the devices to enable simultaneous ringing.
You enable this feature by choosing More > Additional Phones > Enable Calling.
To disable this feature, choose More > Additional Phones > Enable Calling.
To configure the phones that you want to ring simultaneously, choose More > Additional Phones
> Configure Additional Phone, and then use the Incoming Call Routing panel of the Preferences
window to specify the appropriate options.
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