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The ShoreTel Dock icon displays a badge displaying the number of unheard voice mails (the first
number) and the number of missed calls (the second number).
By right-clicking on the ShoreTel Dock icon and choosing Open at Login, you can have
Communicator for Mac open automatically whenever you log into your system.
Logging in as a Different User
You may want to log into ShoreTel Communicator for Mac as a different user, for example if you are
sharing a computer or account.
Complete the following steps to log in as a different user:
1. From the Communicator menu, choose Login as Someone Else.
2. Enter a new user name and password and click Login.
Assigning an Extension
By default, your system administrator has assigned you an extension, which is designated as your
primary phone. To make and receive calls from a different phone, you must assign your extension to
that phone. Your extension can be assigned to any phone that you configure for this purpose, including
a Softphone (a ShoreTel Communicator component that allows you to make calls and use voice mail
directly through your Mac’s audio features).
For example, if you are remotely connected to your office via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can
still manage your calls with ShoreTel Communicator for Mac while receiving your extension calls on an
external phone (such as your mobile or home office phone).
The ability to assign your extension to another phone requires authorization from your system
Complete the following steps to assign an extension:
1. Click on the extension assignment icon on the Assignment bar.
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