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Account Code displays the account code associated with a call.
GUID is a number that identifies a call record.
You can add and remove columns from the History window by, from the More menu, choosing View
and then selecting the column(s) you want to add to the Voice Mail window. Unselect the column(s)
you want to remove. And you can change the sort order of a column by clicking on the column
heading; the direction of the arrow indicates an ascending or descending sort order.
Icons provide a visual indication of the call’s history. The history icons are:
- Missed
- From
- To
- Message
- Transferred
Voice Mail Window
A list of your voice mails, in the order they are received, is shown on the Voice Mail window. Details on
a voice mail include the sender’s name and phone number, when the message was received, the
subject of the message, and duration. Unheard messages are displayed in bold.
Using the Voice Mail window you can listen to, reply to, and create a voice mail as well as manage
your voice mail.
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