16 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac ShoreTel 14.2
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac Content Area and Content Windows
History Window
The History window displays all previous incoming and outgoing calls. You can also make and manage
calls and send email from the History window.
Up to 1,000 calls can be listed in the History window; calls are added to the window when completed
and are listed in the order received or made. When the window contents exceeds capacity, the oldest
records are removed when you next exit Communicator for Mac. You can also delete a record by
selecting the record and clicking Delete. To remove all records, click More > Clear History.
Information on a call is displayed in columns and includes whether the call was incoming or outgoing,
the name and phone number of the person who made or received the call, the date and time of the
call, and call duration. Additional columns provide information on:
Call Note shows information associated with the call.
Trunk is the system trunk through which the call was conducted.
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