Content Area and Content Windows ShoreTel Communicator for Mac 1
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac 15
Icons to the right of caller details allow you to manage calls from the Active Call area, as explained in
Making and Managing Calls on page 24.
You can customize the Active Call area by specifying the number of calls that can be handled by
Communicator for Mac and listed in the Active Call area. Calls that you receive while the Active Call
area is full are handled as busy. Refer to Specifying Telephony Options on page 49 for details.
Content Area and Content Windows
The Content area displays Communicator for Mac content windows. By default, only the Voice Mail
and History windows are available. To open other windows, click the plus sign (+) and from the drop-
down menu choose the window you want to open.
Communicator for Mac remembers the windows you had open, and the sort order of each window.
This means that if you log in from a different machine, your content windows are arranged as when
you last logged off.
Communicator for Mac has the following content windows:
Call Details
Voice Mail
You can easily move between Communicator for Mac content windows by clicking the appropriate tab
at the top of the Content area. Content windows can also be displayed in a separate panes. Refer to
Displaying Content Windows in Separate Panels on page 19 for details.
Call Details Window
The Call Details window shows information on an active call, including the destination or origination of
the call and the call routing. You can also use the Call Details window to add information on the active
call by creating a call note.
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