12 ShoreTel Communicator for Mac ShoreTel 14.2
ShoreTel Communicator for Mac QuickDialer
The Assignment bar also displays icons, on the right side of the bar, that indicate the state of your
current calls and voice mail, and if there is any trouble (errors) with your phone. These icons are:
- Indicates the current call and on-hook phone status, and displays the quantity of unanswered
- Shows the number of voice mails.
- The mute status of the current call.
- Opens a keypad through which dialing tones (DTMF) can be sent during active voice calls.
The QuickDialer offers rapid access to directories, from which you can make a phone call. The
QuickDialer also shows a contact’s presence status through the icon associated with the contact.
The QuickDialer can be customized by the following:
Searching by company name.
Including fax numbers for contacts.
Specifying the type of recently made and received calls displayed from the Redial icon.
Refer to Customizing ShoreTel Communicator for Mac on page 50 for details. You can also choose to
show speed dial entries in the QuickDialer, as explained in Adding Speed Dial Entries on page 48.
Complete the following steps to access a contact using the QuickDialer:
1. From the QuickDialer field drop-down menu, choose from the list of recent contacts.
Additional methods of contact can be displayed and selected by clicking on the arrow associated
with a recipient's name.
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