Chapter 6: Dialing Plan Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 93
Once you have created the dialing plan and saved your dialing plan
configurations, you can return to the Edit Sites window in Director to verify
that the changes have been propagated throughout the system. By clicking on
the name of the site, you will see an Extension Prefix field. The field should be
populated with the value entered in the Extension Prefix Warning window, as
shown in the window below: Adding Users to the System
When the On-Net Dialing feature has been enabled and the extension prefix for a site has
been updated, the first new user added to the system may not receive the site's new prefix.
(This is due to cookies in the system populating the new user's extension with old and
outdated information.) However, after this first user has been added, subsequent users will
have their extensions automatically populated with the correct site prefix.
User numbers can vary in length from 3 to 5 digits. All user numbers in the system
must be the same length.
6.6 Quick Reference of Star Codes
Certain features and functions can be performed via the telephone interface through the
use of star codes. By pressing the star key (i.e. asterisk) on your phone’s keypad, followed
by a combination of numbers, you can perform many tasks that would otherwise require
the use of a soft key, option button, or programmable button.
Figure 6-9 Extension Prefix field now populated
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