Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 5: Trunk Planning and Ordering
5.5 Performing Traffic Calculations
The number of trunks required on your system will vary depending on the number of users
and your specific application needs. It is important to order your trunking correctly; too
few can lead to blocked calls when all trunks are busy, and too many trunks can lead to
wasted money on monthly access charges.
See Chapter 3, starting on page 49, for information about calculating the trunk
requirements for your site.
5.6 Ordering Telephone Service
Once you have determined the types of trunks you need, you will have to either place a
new order or make a change order. You can use the associated “Telephone Service Order
Forms” that are available on the ShoreWare DVD or on the ShoreTel support web site.
Three order forms are provided for your use:
Analog Service
T1 Service
T1 PRI Service
ShoreTel does not provide an E1 PRI form because this service varies by country. Instead,
we provide a table of the E1 PRI parameters that must be set. See Appendix A, starting on
page 263, for more information.
When the form is completed, arrange a meeting with your telephone company service
representative to order the new telephone services. The forms contain specific information
that the service representative must have before services can be ordered.
Before ordering your telephone service, pay special attention to the installation date and
time, as follows:
If you are ordering new service, it should be installed one week before the planned
cut-over date. This allows the services to be terminated on the ShoreTel system and
tested before cut-over.
If you are changing existing service, any changes before the cut-over date might
render your existing service unusable. You must schedule these changes outside
normal business hours and work closely with your service provider for a seamless
When ordering DID service, the last digits of the DID numbers should match your
extension numbers for ease of use. You must make sure your extension numbers do not
begin with a trunk access code, zero, or any emergency numbers such as 911 in North
Please see the appendix on emergency 911 operations in the ShoreTel Administration Guide
for information on how to configure your system for emergency calls.
5.6.1 Analog Service
Use the Analog Telephone Service Order form (Figure 5-1) to order analog trunks. Note the
following about analog service:
Caller ID Name and Number are supported on loop-start trunks.
ANI is supported on wink-start trunks.
ANI on wink-start trunks must be delivered as *<ANI>*<DNIS>*.
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