ShoreTel 11.1 67
Trunk Planning and Ordering
This chapter explains the features and functionality of trunks on the ShoreTel system, so
you can plan and order your service. It includes the following information:
An overview of the trunk types supported on the ShoreTel system
A description of each trunk feature
Traffic calculations
Trunk ordering and order form
5.1 Checklist
You must complete the following tasks before proceeding to the next chapter:
5.2 Recommendations
The following recommendations assist you in determining your trunk requirements and
ordering your trunks from your service provider:
Make sure you order telephone service early. T1 and PRI service can take up to one
or two months to install.
If you are reusing Centrex lines, be sure to change your old service and remove call
waiting, call forwarding, and voice mail.
When provisioning PRI service, be sure to confirm the protocol being used (NI-2,
4ESS, 5ESS, or DMS-100). Make sure that neither NFAS nor the Call-by-Call
feature of the 4ESS is being used, since they are not supported on the ShoreTel
5.3 Reviewing and Selecting Trunk Types
Trunks provide a connection from the ShoreTel system to a service provider for the purpose
of making and taking calls to and from external parties.
Table 5-2 shows which trunk types are supported on individual ShoreGear switches. The
next section provides more detailed information about the various trunk features.
Task Description
Reviewing and Selecting Trunk Types page 67
Understanding Trunk Features page 72
Performing Traffic Calculations page 76
Ordering Telephone Service page 76
Table 5-1 Trunk Planning and Ordering Checklist
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