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Routing Calls
This chapter helps you identify the desired routing for inbound and outbound calls, so that
you can determine your requirements for configuration and trunking.
When installing a voice communications system, one of the most important decisions you
must make is how to route incoming calls. This includes calls made to your company, an
individual employee, or a group of employees, such as sales or customer support. It is
important to consider not only how calls are initially routed, but also how they are routed
when the person or group is not available to take the call. Will calls be transferred to the
Auto-Attendant, the operator, an off-site number, a pager, or a cell phone? The ShoreTel
system is highly flexible and supports numerous methods to route incoming calls.
In addition, you must consider your outbound call routing plan. You should have trunks at
every site that supports both outbound and inbound calling.
This chapter helps you design the call flow of your new voice communications system. See
Chapter 3, starting on page 49, for information about other aspects of designing your new
voice communications system.
If you are installing a ShoreTel Contact Center Solution, call routing within the contact
center is configured separately and is not covered in this guide. For more information on
the ShoreTel Contact Center Solution, see the ShoreTel Contact Center Solution
Administration Guide.
4.1 Recommendations
Consider the following recommendations when designing your call flow plan:
Determine how calls should reach employees and workgroups. You need to identify
the desired call routing for inbound calls at each site.
Identify contingencies, such as alternate plans in the event that the receptionist has
an unplanned absence, or the physical phone fails. For example, creating hunt
groups can ensure an operator is available if the receptionist or workgroup is
Task Description
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Direct All Calls to a Live Operator page 58
Direct All Calls to Extensions page 60
Blended Call Routing page 62
Analyze Outbound Call Routing page 64
Table 4-1 Routing CallsChecklist
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