Planning and Installation GuideChapter 2: System Overview
device with a maximum consumption of 8.2 watts. Please use 8.2 watts for capacity
planning with Gig POE switches on multiple deployments.
The 565g model requires more power than the other ShoreTel models, and is thus
not compatible with the ShorePhone power adapter used with other ShoreTel
phone models.
The 565g model cannot be daisy-chained from the Button Box (BB24). The BB24
passthrough power is limited to Class 2 devices and the 565g is a Class 3 device.
This means the BB24 cannot forward adequate power to an IP 565g phone.
The ShoreTel IP565g telephone requires the use of Category 5e or Category 6
Ethernet cables. Using Category 5 Ethernet cables is not officially supported and
may lead to lower connection speed and/or performance issues during high-data
transfer scenarios.
ShoreTel IP Phone 655 is ShoreTel's flagship IP phone designed for executives, executive
assistants and for conference room use. The ShoreTel IP Phone 655 is a new phone that
offers the highest quality performance and enhanced IP telephony functionality.
ShoreTel IP Phone 655 provides a touch screen user interface that is very intuitive and
enhances user productivity. Advanced applications enaled by the large color touch screen
display include enhanced Directory and Call history applications with real-time telephony
presence information, an a new visual Voicemail with both playback and composition
capabilities. For more details about the ShoreTel IP Phone 655, see ShoreTel IP Phone 655
Installation and Users Guide.
Key features include:
5.7" inch 640 x 480 pixel color touch screen display with haptic feedback6
microphone beam-forming array for advanced speakerphone acoustics
Connectors for up to two remote microphones for better conference room coverage
10/100/1000 Ethernet
Five capacitive touch keys (mute, speakerphone, headset, redial, and volume
2-port Ethernet Switch for connecting a PC to the network through the phone.
Customizable wallpapers and ring tones configured with Director
Twelve programmable virtual buttons that can be used for line appearance, speed
dial, extension monitoring, and other functions
Built-in electronic headset lifter functionality compatible with some models of
Plantronics wireless headsets.
Visual Voicemail with message review and composition capabilities
Call History with live telephony presence and call categorization
Directory with live telephony presence, first/last name sortability, and touch screen
virtual keyboard for improved filtering
Ability to handle up to sixteen simultaneous calls
Ability to monitor up to eleven other extensions
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