Chapter 2: System Overview Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 33
2.8 Optional Applications
To augment the ShoreTel solution, ShoreTel offers conference bridge and contact center
applications as system options.
2.8.1 ShoreTel Converged Conference Solution
The ShoreTel Converged Conference Solution provides easy-to-use, cost-effective audio-
and-data conferencing. During a conference call, users can share PowerPoint, MSWord,
Excel, or text documents with other conference participants.
The ShoreTel Converged Conference Solution includes the ShoreGear Converged
Conference Bridge, ShoreTel Conference Manager, and ShoreTel Conference Director. The
ShoreGear Converged Conference Bridge is a 1U rack-mounted conference server
connected to your ShoreTel system via an Ethernet connection to your IP network. The
ShoreTel Conference Manager is an intuitive, browser-based interface for conference call
scheduling and call control. ShoreTel Conference Director is a browser-based management
interface for the administration and maintenance of the ShoreGear Converged Conference
Bridge. ShoreGear Converged Conference Bridge
The ShoreGear Converged Conference Bridge is an embedded, preconfigured conference
appliance that interfaces to your ShoreTel system via your IP network. The conference
bridge supports 12, 24, 32, 48, or 96 ports. ShoreTel Conference Manager
The ShoreTel Conference Manager enables conference call users to:
Establish reservationless conferences
Set up scheduled and recurring conference calls
Start a conference call “on the fly”
For more information on ShoreTel Conference Manager, see the ShoreTel Conference
Manager User Guide. ShoreTel Conference Director
ShoreTel Conference Director provides an intuitive interface for operations, administration,
maintenance, server configuration, service/user provisioning, and monitoring/alarm
Required authorization and authentication ensures that only valid users use the conference
bridge services. To meet the highest security requirements, the server utilizes SSL
encryption for secured messages and server side digital certificates.
2.8.2 ShoreTel Contact Center Solution
ShoreTel Contact Center Solution is a comprehensive routing and management system
designed to control and monitor the activities of your contact center. The ShoreTel Contact
Center Solution includes the ShoreTel Contact Center Server Software or ShoreTel
Enterprise Contact Center Server Software, ShoreWare Contact Center Director, ShoreWare
Agent Manager Software, and ShoreWare Agent Toolbar Software.
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