Chapter F: Session Initiation Protocol Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 289
Step 8 Select the 911 check box to enable emergency 911 calls.
You must have at least one trunk group per site that allows 911 calls.
Step 9 Select the Easy Recognizable Codes (ERC) check box to enable services such
as toll-free dialing calls (e.g., 800, 888, 900).
Step 10Select the Explicit Carrier Selection check box to enable dialing special
numbers that let the caller select a long-distance carrier (e.g., 1010xxx).
Step 11Select the Operator Assisted check box to enable the trunk group to dial the
operator (e.g., 0+).
Step 12Select the Called ID not blocked by default check box to pass Caller ID
information by default on outbound calls. Note that in the United States, the
user can override this option with Vertical Service Codes.
Step 13Click the Remove leading 1 from 1+10D check box to drop the leading “1” if
your long-distance service provider requires dialing only ten digits.
Step 14Click the Remove leading 1 for Local Area Codes check box to drop the
leading “1” for the local area codes (Local and Additional Local) if your local
Figure F-3 Creating a SIP trunk group (outbound configurations)
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