Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 20: Training
20.3 Training Materials
The following training materials are available:
User guides and self-paced online tutorials are available through the ShoreTel
Communicator Help menu or from ShoreTel’s online knowledge base.
System administration training and end-user training are available through a
ShoreTel-authorized partner or through ShoreTel, Inc.
Additional training materials can be downloaded from ShoreTel.
20.4 End-User Training
QuickStart offers online tutorials to familiarize end-users with the features and
functionality of the ShoreTel Communicator client. The tutorials, which are self-paced and
do not require registration, highlight the commonly used features and functions available
in the ShoreTel Communicator - Personal, Professional, Workgroup Agent and Operator
Access. Users will learn how to install the client, answer calls, transfer a call, make
conference calls, and access voice mail. A sound card and speakers are helpful but not
User training should be completed before your cut-over date.
20.5 Operator Training
Operators, receptionists, and administrative assistants have special needs and
responsibilities. In addition to the ShoreTel Communicator - Operator Access tutorial,
ShoreTel offers an interactive online session in which such users can learn how to
maximize the power of the ShoreTel system.
ShoreTel encourages company operators, receptionists, or administrative personnel who
support multiple managers to participate in a one-hour, live interactive web session
introducing the ShoreTel Communicator - Operator Access . The training covers these
Answering, transferring, and conferencing calls
Accessing voice mail
Using toolbar shortcuts
Monitoring extensions
Call routing
Call handling modes
Class participants are able to experience a live ShoreTel system and ask questions of the
As a prerequisite for this class, ShoreTel asks that all class participants view the ShoreTel
Communicator - Operator Access tutorial.
Operator training should be completed before your cut-over date.
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