Chapter 19: Cut-Over Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 255
19.3.3 Cut-Over of Remaining Devices
Use the following checklist to test each new end-user device that is being installed.
19.3.4 Cut-Over Coverage
It is recommended that the cut-over team arrive on site before the beginning of the next
business day after cut-over, to answer questions from end-users as they begin to use the
ShoreTel system.
Description Completed
Identify the new trunks.
Terminate the new trunks on the ShoreGear voice switches.
Contact the telephone company’s tester, and test each trunk (one at a time).
Agree on the specific trunk that is being tested.
Have the tester dial in on the new trunk.
Answer the incoming call on a test telephone.
Observe overall voice quality.
Go through this checklist until all trunks are tested.
Table 19-4 Trunking Cut-Over Checklist
Description Completed
Place an internal call from the new device.
Place an external call from the new device.
If applicable, place a DID call.
If the device is for a user with voice mail, leave a welcome message similar to the following:
“This is <your_name> from <company_ name>. Welcome to your new, revolutionary, IP-
based communications system. You will find the following materials on your desk...”
Leave a user guide on the user’s desk. This provides information about the ShoreTel system’s
commonly used features as well as general system information.
Table 19-5 Remaining Devices Cut-over List
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