Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 15: Legacy Integration
15.10.4Configuring ShoreTel Voice Mail Integration Using SMDI
As mentioned before, there are two modes of operation with respect to integrating a
ShoreTel system and a legacy system:
- In this configuration, the legacy system provides
voice mail services while the ShoreTel system acts as PBX for users.
- In this configuration, the ShoreTel system
provides voice mail services while the legacy system acts as a PBX for users.
The former of these two operational modes (External voice mail) is discussed in Section
15.10.3 on page 208. The procedure for the latter configuration (ShoreTel voice mail)
Configuring the “ShoreTel Voice Mail Configuration” consists of the following major tasks:
Creating a Trunk Group
Creating Trunks
Configuring the ShoreTel Server for SMDI
Creating a User Group
Adding an Individual User
Configuring the Serial Connection
Configuring Digit Translation Tables
Figure 15-5 Enabling digit translation for MWI and call data, and flash routing
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