Chapter 13: Desktop Requirements Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 189
Working Offline
Users should NOT change their appointments when Outlook is offline (not connected to
the network). If the user modifies their schedules while offline, the web meeting or Call
Handling Mode features will not be available and will not be uploaded to Call Application
The Outlook CHM add-in may be customized for language. Languages that are currently
supported with ShoreTel Communicator are supported for the Outlook integration
These modules will automatically pick the current Outlook interface language if an Add-in
dll has been provided in that language. If no Add-in dll is provided for that language, it will
fall back to the system default. For example: if a user has a German version of Outlook, the
Call Handling Mode drop down, will display all text in German, provided that the Add-In
has been localized for German.
13.4.4 Microsoft Updates on the Server
ShoreTel weekly updates test systems with the latest Microsoft desktop patches. When
releasing a new build, ShoreTel publishes Build Notes that lists the Microsoft patches that
are certified against the build. ShoreTel also highlights software changes required by the MS
The conservative approach is to turn off regular MS updates until you review the detailed
certification provided with each release.
13.5 Network Requirements
Personal computers running ShoreTel Communicator software must be networked to the
ShoreWare server. See Chapter 9, starting on page 107, for bandwidth requirements.
13.6 Virus Protection Desktop Systems
ShoreTel allows the use of industry standard virus protection software on desktop systems
running the client application.
13.7 VMware Virtual Environment for Main and DVS
13.7.1 Versions
The following versions of VMware will be supported:
VMware vSphere 4 (ESX 4 / ESXi 4)
13.7.2 Configuration (For Main Server Only)
High Availability
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