Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 13: Desktop Requirements
13.4.2 Internet Browsers
ShoreWare Web Access call handling application requires one of the following browsers:
MS Internet Explorer 7.0
MS Internet Explorer 8.0
Web Client
Safari 4.0 on Macintosh
MS Internet Explorer 8.0
Firefox 3.6 on Windows
Adobe Flash 9,10
13.4.3 Microsoft Outlook Integration
The following are required when the Microsoft Outlook Integration feature is used:
Outlook 2003, SP2
Outlook 2007, SP2
Additional Requirements for Microsoft Outlook Integration include:
Microsoft Outlook must already be installed as the user's email before installing
Outlook integration features (see the installation procedure in Chapter 18, starting
on page 239).
Outlook must be configured for mode (supporting multiple mail service
providers) and not for mode before installing Outlook integration
Automatic Call Handling with the Microsoft Outlook Calendar requires an optional
component of Microsoft Office called Collaborative Data Objects.
The Collaboration Data Object must be installed in order for Microsoft Outlook
calendar integration to work. Offline Call Handling
ShoreTel 11 can integrate with Microsoft Outlook 2007 to allow Offline Call Handling
Modes (CHM). Once configured, a user’s CHM will automatically change, based on the
user’s Outlook calendar, even when Outlook is not currently opened. The Call Application
Server (CAS) is responsible for handling the call handling mode changes and user
configurations associated with this feature.
Microsoft Outlook 2007 Plug-in with Offline Call Handling Modes requires the installation
of the following components on the client system:
NET Framework 3.5
Outlook 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies
Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime 3.
Outlook CAS Interface add-in ShoreTel Communicator Integration with Outlook Implementation
Outlook integration may be installed from ShoreTel Communicator when the user
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