Chapter 10: Server Requirements Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 143
c:\Shoreline Data\temp
c:\Shoreline Data\Database\ShoreTelCDR
c:\Shoreline Data\Database\ShoreTelConfig
c:\Shoreline Data\Call Records 2\Data
WARNING: If the folders listed above are not excluded before installation, your
installation of ShoreWare 10 will fail and your system will rollback to the previous
version of ShoreWare. This will also result in a corrupted database if you perform
nightly backups.
10.8 Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008
ShoreWare servers require IIS, COM+, SMTP, and FTP. Other required tasks include
changing the SMTP and FTP startup type to automatic.
The following sections describe the selections required at pivotal steps in the installation
process. These steps must be completed as a prerequisite to installing or upgrading the
ShoreWare components discussed in this section.
NOTE: Windows Server 2008 must be activated through Microsoft before installing
ShoreWare Server and Remote Server.
10.8.1 Application Server Role
Figure 10-4 displays the required roles for the Application Server for ShoreTel. Selecting IIS
and COM+ ensures the installation of these services.
Step 1 Click the Server Manager icon on the Task bar or, select Start -> Programs ->
Administrative Tools -> Server Manager.
Step 2 In Server Manager right-click Roles and select Add Roles on the pop-up menu.
Note: You can also click the Add Roles icon on the right pane
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